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I'm here to make awesome at the intersection of art, copy, and code.

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Marketing & Sales Operations

FrontEnd Development

Lead Generation

Example Stock Application

Simple Angular application with Angular Material Design Components. I used Quandl's api and Highstocks, and will be adding voice recogntion capabilities.

Curriculum Vitae

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Front End Developer

Elsen Inc.
  • Developed front-end interface for a quantitative factor modeling platform and portfolio optimizer.
  • Worked closely with the backend and data science teams to deliver a rich and engaging user experience for hedge fund portfolio managers.
  • Created highly custom UI components for financial modeling and data visualization using Angular directives.
  • Worked with third party Javascript solutions including highstocks, ui-grid, d3.js, and code-mirror.

September 2014 - February 2016

Marketing Integration Specialist

Blue Wave Productions Inc.
  • Managed lead generation activities – scraped all Fortune 500 company’s contact data
  • Managed data consistency of Hubspot & Salesforce platforms
  • Designed CTAs, emails, landing pages, web pages
  • Developed new corporate website on BlueTrain.io’s CMS platform (1 month - 42 pages)
  • Launched Adwords campaign, gaining immediate inbound signups in first week and tripling site traffic

March 2014 - June 2014

Developer & Designer

SignedOn Inc.
  • Developed responsive website of Pandolfi Lab at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center.
  • Created photography assets and designed Pandolfi Lab site.
  • Integrated SignedOn CMS with Pandolfi Lab’s website.
  • Designing of creative marketing assets - consisting of whitepapers, case studies, testimonials, design & branding portfolio

May 2013 - January 2015

Market Research Intern

OpenView Venture Partners
  • Coordinated Lead Generation activities to gather 10,000+ leads for portfolio companies.
  • Interviewed targeted research subjects through scripted cold calling and emails.
  • Scraped lead data using automated programs such as Mozenda & Visual WebRipper.
  • Provided evidence through market research activities for strategic advising to portfolio companies.

Feburary 2013 - October 2013

Beta Testing & Community Evangelist

Currensee Inc.
(acquired by Oanada FX)
  • Pivoted business model towards a community leveraged hedge fund model instead of a one-stop-shop for fx products & services
  • Gained exposure and clients by using social media marketing tools (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube) and by posting development of trading systems, trade analytics on currencies, and Currensee features to FxStreet & Dailyfx
  • Hired, trained, and managed a 5 person trading team in foreign exchange currency markets
  • Recommended new features including: incorporation of third party instant messaging via Skype, AIM, Gtalk, etc., enabling platform to automatically update and record trade statistical performance data for trade journaling; new social analytics, automatic posting of trades via Twitter
  • Detected and reported general errors and bugs in platform

May 2009 - December 2009


Product & Design

StartUp Institute

June 2014 - October 2014

Bachelor of Finance - Attended

University of Massachusetts

September 2008 - December 2012


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